Photograph by Nad Visual Art

(from left to right)
Vocals - Roland B. Marx
Guitars - Sergio Klein
Drums - Alberto Atalah
Bass - Ishay Sommer

Bringing together a diverse mix of nationalities and musical backgrounds, The Outside comprises members from Chile, Israel and Germany. Offering a compelling mélange of challenging Thrash Metal, they have so far self-released one Demo, their highly rated debut album through SAOL/H'Art in 2012 and their second record "Dawn of the Deaf" late 2014. The Outside played seven tours since fall 2011, with shows in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Czech Republic and Chile. The Outside recorded their first Demo in 2009 live at Monongo studios Berlin, known for Rock'n'Roll acts like Motörhead. Their vision took root in the German Cosmopolitan Capital, where they performed with internationally recognized metal acts like Sodom and Vicious Rumors.

The Outside self-financed their first album and played a lot of successful club shows in Germany. Putting a lot on the line, the band booked passage to South America to embark on "The Revolt is On Tour" in Chile. The risk payed off. The crowds went crazy over The Outside's storm of sound: the pounding of Alberto Atalah's drums, Sergio Klein's razorsharp riffs, the driving bass and the vocals of Roland B. Marx. The Outside’s aggressive melodic style and lyrics dealing with the failure of cultural metanarratives, the corrupting force of power and religion speaks directly to the souls of its audiences.

After signing a deal in Chile and SAOL / H'Art, The Outside embarked the stages in Germany on two co-headlining tours again, performing their third and fourth trip within one year and promoting the release of their sophomore album in Europe, Russia and the USA in June 2012. In Spring 2013 they teamed up with new labelmates and well-knowned Thrashers of Hatred for a co-headlining tour yet again, to meet the high demand for more live performances.

After that The Outside went in to the studio to record their highly anticipated follow-up record "Dawn of the Deaf". Before its release through Bret Hart Records late 2014, the band embarked on their support tour for South American Thrash Metal Masters Criminal in Europe, followed by their own European headliner tour throughout October and November.

The outstanding cover artworks were painted by Claudio Bergamin, famed for working with artists like Rob Halford, Criminal, Paradox or Accept. The video clip of "The Stench" was recorded and produced by Abysmo (Kreator, Vader, Therion) in Valparaiso, Chile. "Empire" was also shot by Abysmo, in Berlin.

November 2014